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Powerful Communication Podcast

May 29, 2022

Here’s a new player in the video editing business - it’s called and it’s an online browser based video editor.


There’s nothing to download and a decent free plan as long as you don’t mind restrictions on the duration and quality of the videos.


It makes it particularly easy to add captions to videos and then share them to social media.


Like CapCut which I mentioned on a previous broadcast, these new and emerging tools are great but it’s always worth checking the level of technical support you’re getting from them, read their privacy policy and think about where your data is going.


If you found it difficult to use Instagram across the weekend - it was’t just you.


The platform experienced a variety of intermittent outages over the last few days.


Once again this underlines how much we rely on social media - using it to contact friends, get our news and do work, so it has huge implications when they go down.


The traditional broadcast model is still far more reliable than IP and mobile networks which is just one reason why radio remains so popular.