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Powerful Communication Podcast

Jul 28, 2022

Let the games begin!


A spectacular Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022 opening ceremony has been dominating social media over the last few hours.


One of the major talking points was the giant Brummie Bull which served as the focal point for the show, there’s also widespread praise for Duran Duran who performed, some 40 years on from their first hits.


There’s a partial victory for the campaigners I mentioned earlier this week who were pushing Instagram to go back to its old ways and rely less on algorithms and software.


The platform’s chief Adam Mosseri has acknowledged the criticism and said he thinks they need to take a step back and reassess the reliance on recommended content - many users want to see more from their friends and family and less of what the system thinks they should see.


Important news now for Amazon Prime subscribers - you’re in for a price rise. From September the cost will increase to £8.99 a month, that’s a pound more than it has been.


An annual membership will move from £79 to £95 but that is still 12 pounds cheaper than paying a month at a time.