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Powerful Communication Podcast

Apr 26, 2022

Artificial intelligence and the metaverse isn’t going to be some entirely ‘seperate’ world that you only access by wearing a special headset.


Some of it might be like that, particularly if you’re playing games in a virtual reality world, but there will be another far more useful aspect which is already here.


Certain products for sale on Amazon now feature ‘View In Your Room’. This opens your camera, scans your location and overlays the product in the actual room you are in right now.


You can then move the product around and try out how it’s going to look in particular places.


There are other highly useful augmented reality applications in the world of DIY - for example if you had a product and wanted to see how it was going to fit against a wall or in a tight space, you could find out using AI without having to actually lift the physical item and move it around.


And here’s a quick tip if you want to cut down your social media use without stopping entirely.


Take the apps off your phone.


That way you can still access your favourite platforms via a computer but it won’t be quite so convenient to look multiple times a day. You control the technology rather than have it control you.