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Powerful Communication Podcast

Mar 31, 2022

Watch out for those social media April fools.


I won’t give anything away and spoil the fun but if you are browsing your favourite social media channels or seeing messages from friends or famous brands and news organisations and you’re thinking ‘that can’t be right!’ - then just remember what day it is!


An incredible story breaking in the Washington Post with allegations that Facebook’s parent company hired a political campaigning group to run a campaign designed to highlight the dangers of TikTok.


The newspaper suggests rumours were spread about dangerous TikTok trends.


There’s no suggestion of any laws being broken but if this is true - I think it backfired. The extra scrutiny forced TikTok to take action, which it did, and it has successfully addressed some of the concerns - exaggerated or otherwise - that people might have had about it.


This year I expect TikTok to overtake Instagram and to be come the 2nd most widely used social networking platform.