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Powerful Communication Podcast

Jul 31, 2022

England’s European Championship winning footballers are the toast of social media right now after their nail biting extra time 2-1 win over Germany.


Hashtags including ‘itscomehome’ and ‘womensfootball’ have been trending across Twitter and Instagram alongside of course #lionesses.


Video clips going viral include the players gatecrashing manager Sarina Weigman’s post match press conference and the winning goal from Chloe Kelly.


If you’re interested in finding out more about women’s football on social media, the Lionesses have their own @lionesses Twitter and Instagram accounts and the women’s super league is @barclaysWSL.


In Scotland you can visit for an overviews of all levels of the game and you’ll find the top flight clubs in the SWPL where the new season kicks off this coming Sunday.


In other digital news today Snapchat has launched a new fund to encourage unsigned musicians to share their music on the platform.


And WhatsApp is attracting controversy for its stance regarding encryption.


The boss of the service says it would never bow to government pressure to weaken security - which could have made it easier for authorities to tackle the spread of illegal images through direct messages.


The discussions are part of the debate around the UK government’s Online Safety Bill which has now been delayed until the autumn.