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Powerful Communication Podcast

Feb 23, 2022

‘Reels’ are the ultra short 15 second video clips originally launched by Instagram as part of their efforts to combat the rise of TikTok.


They’ve been a huge success, so much so that Reels have now been extended to Facebook.


So prepare to have your feed filled up with friends and family members as well as businesses you follow sharing video clips of them doing dances, pranks and other content which I guess you’ll either love or hate.


I can’t see Reels being particularly popular on Facebook - I think most people just want it to go back to its roots and be a place where they keep up with friends.


Look out for ultra short clips making their way to mainstream TV and Netlifx which is said to be testing a series of short comedy clips called ‘Fast Laughs’


The tension between Russia and Ukraine is boiling over into the online world with reports of cyber attacks and hacking - now that the UK is part of the sanctions against Russia it’s a good time for us all to be extra careful regarding cyber security and for businesses to think about resilience and how they’d operate if key systems were unavailable.


Reports suggest there won’t be a new Call Of Duty game next year although it does look as though there will be additional material released for this year’s title.


Bloomberg reports we can also expect a free to play online game with the main series returning in 2024.