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Powerful Communication Podcast

Jun 23, 2022

If you’re into cars you’ll like this.


The Ford Motor Company is uploading its entire archive to a dedicated website.


The Ford Heritage Vault features amazing images, stories and data from throughout its 119 year history.


It includes promotional material and adverts along with memories and statistics about some of the best loved cars from the brand’s history.


You can even download the images for your own personal use.


It’s an American site and emphasises the classic cars of the 50s and 60s but if you use the search features you’ll find the humble 1990 4 door Escort and others like it.


Tell the car lover in your life and visit



And social media users fed up being bombarded with posts about bitcoin and cryptocurrency - remember you can mute other people’s accounts, particular words or entire topics.


On Instagram choose ‘settings - privacy and then hidden words’


On Twitter click ‘Privacy and safety - and look in ‘content you see’ and ‘mute and block.


More tomorrow.