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Powerful Communication Podcast

Apr 26, 2022

It’ll be months before we see the impact of Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter.


The 34 billion pound takeover deal won’t go through until later this year and while the right and left argue about the merits of the much promised ‘free speech’ that Musk says is a priority for him, a far bigger issue is how exactly will he get any sort of return on the money he’s paying for the platform.


It’s hardly made any money in its 18 year existence.


I’d expect him to concentrate on striking deals with broadcasters and publishers - that could be mean premium sports rights, podcasts, perhaps live video streaming deals with news organisations.


The key is providing content people want and for too long Twitter has been home to a very polarised, ugly debate that isn’t doing anyone any good - and certainly did nothing for Twitter’s previous owners.


Some analysts expect some human authentication - could that mean freedom of speech but only if you confirm your identity?


We’ve heard a lot the last 2 years about the environmental benefits of working remotely…but just because you’re using technology doesn’t mean there’s no impact on the environment.


 World Economic Forum research looked at what our digital use is doing to the environment.


It found every email sent generates 4 grammes of carbon emissions, and it increases to 50 grammes if there’s a photo attached.


A new app called Fruggr lets users track the carbon used by all their electronic devices and consider more environmentally friendly ways of doing things.