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Powerful Communication Podcast

Jul 27, 2022

You might have heard the phrase ‘the great resignation’ to describe the apparent phenomenon where large numbers of people quit their jobs during the COVID lockdown and never went back.


There does seem to be a lot of unfilled vacancies at the moment and something of a scramble on recruitment websites to try to fill them.


That appears to have had a knock on effect on Linkedin - the social network dedicated to careers and work - which is reporting record levels of engagement.


Parent company Microsoft says revenue at Linkedin is up 26% and user sessions increasing 22% over the most recent quarter. and other crowd funding websites are always worth a look if you’re interested in new ideas and innovative gadgets - one that’s causing quite a stir at the moment is a family owned company in Brooklyn trying to launch a line of positive, real life action figures.


Heroes - but not superheroes - is their slogan and the first hero in their range - Volodomyr Zelensky the Ukrainian President - the Kickstarter campaign has smashed its target and will be going into production.


And a study of 39 thousand gamers found the length of time they play has no impact on their wellbeing.


Researchers found the average player would have to play for more than 10 hours a day before noticing any difference and for the vast majority gaming has neither a positive nor negative affect on their well-being.