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Powerful Communication Podcast

Nov 28, 2022

Nothing stifles a comms team like constant day-to-day firefighting.

It's refreshing to get the team together, set some proper goals and go about achieving them with determination and focus.

In one recent media training session delivered by my business, Comsteria Limited, we were discussing pitching stories to the media when one participant commented that 'you win some you lose some'. This of course is true. But we don't need to sit back and accept our fate. We can be proactive - take on specific battles and make absolutely sure we win them.

It's the same when people talk about this desire for 'engagement' or 'awareness'. Specifically, what sort of engagement? From whom? We unpick all this in our training sessions, pulling in tactics from the wider business world as well as sport and popular culture. Jessica Ennis knew she was going to win London 2012 Olympic gold. Music producer Brian Higgins knew 'The Promise' would be a massive hit for Girls Aloud and become a defining sound for a generation. 

Have a listen to this podcast for more on the power of intent, the importance of clear, specific goals and how bringing in an outsider could be the breath of fresh air your business or comms team needs.