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The Digital Minute

May 8, 2022

Something a bit different all this week on the Digital Minute as we mark Mental Health Awareness week and look at how ‘digital’ can help us live more fulfilling lives.


Mental Health Awareness Week is brought to you by the Mental Health Foundation and there’s a wealth of good resources and information on their website at mental


And I want to think a bit about these mobile devices so many of us carry around all day - what are they? Entertainment? Distraction? Comment and opinion?


Or could we start to see smartphones as valuable tools? Capable of helping us to become more productive, to take control of our lives and to make new, positive connections.


The truth is, the phone itself, is whatever you want to make it.


Many of us forget that it is actually a phone. We could dial a number and actually speak to someone.


Or, cut back on social media and use messenger apps to keep in touch with people we really care about, rather than the opinions of random strangers. Create a chat group for friends and family and watch the same film or TV show at the same time and chat while you’re watching.


If you love music, check out Tim’s Twitter Listening


It’s a brilliant shared listening experience involving the lead singer of The Charlatans and the people involved in making a particular album, where they all play the music at the same time, and discuss it.


There’s a complete archive at the website and it’s something you could easily recreate with friends and family on a message app.


Believe me - it’s more enjoyable than I’ve made it sound and an easy way to get a sense of togetherness even if you’re miles apart.