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Powerful Communication Podcast

Sep 29, 2022

Could we end up playing video games on Netflix in the future?


The streaming giant is setting up its own games studio, which will be based in Finland.


There are more than 220 million Netflix subscribers around the world but the company has lost users and revenue since the end of the pandemic.


It’s also facing competition from movie studios launching their own streaming services and taking some of their films and TV shows OFF Netflix.


Investing in its own content is part of the solution but it’s also slowly but surely been doing more with video games - it’s bought a couple of small studios already and is thought to be planning more games based on its TV shows.


Facebook owner Meta has taken action to shut down two misinformation operations based in Russia and China which had aimed to use Facebook and Instagram to influence public opinion about the invasion of Ukraine and other political issues.


Meta says the operation began in May and involved a network of more than 60 websites mocked up to look like real news outlets and then used Facebook pages to spread the links.


This is one of the risks when so many of us get our news from an algorithm based system.