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Powerful Communication Podcast

Jul 26, 2022


Technology shouldn’t be causing us stress, but sometimes it does.


There’s nothing more frustrating than forgetting a password and having to go through a laborious ‘reset’ process when you want to access something quickly.


‘Password Managers’ are designed to make life easier.


‘Keeper’, ‘Zoho’, ‘LastPass’ and ‘1Password’ are some of the well known trusted sites to help with password management. 


Some are free, others with more advanced features are paid for.


They’ll often sync passwords across your devices and encrypt the password itself - it’s a much more reliable solution than picking easy to guess passwords or using the same password across multiple accounts.


Have a look around and find one that suits you.



Facebook’s news feed is getting a new look.


‘Home’ will highlight content from creators that Facebook thinks you’ll enjoy - a bit like TikTok’s ‘for you’ page.


Then there’s a choice of ‘feeds’ which will include recent posts from friends and family, people you choose to follow and regularly interact with. 


Ultimately, I think this will make it harder for businesses to get their content seen by customers, unless they pay to Boost their posts.