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Powerful Communication Podcast

News for Playstation gamers and why I don't think iPhones on subscription will work.

Mar 29, 2022

There’s no official word from Apple yet on suggestions it’s working on a subscription service which would let people pay monthly for iPhones and iPads.


Bloomberg broke the story but it’s now being widely reported.


It would remove the upfront cost of buying an iPhone or iPad - analysts say a subscription model would make sense because over time and considering how much they’re used for, mobile devices actually don’t seem that expensive compared to, for a example a cup of coffee everyday or a newspaper subscription. 


I think the problem Apple will have is the mobile phone networks.


They already let users pay monthly for phones and tablets - if Apple goes ahead with a hardware subscription, it could be less attractive for phone networks to promote Apple products.


For that reason, I can’t see this happening, in the UK at least.


Wired magazine is calling the idea ‘Netflixification’ and predicts lots of products and services will move to a recurring subscription where you never actually ‘own’ anything, just lease it.


Similar to many PCP car deals which are common these days.


And one for Playstation gamers - Sony is expected to launch a new video game subscription service, combining Playstation Now and Playstation Plus.