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Powerful Communication Podcast

Jul 27, 2022

The Commonwealth Games opening ceremony takes place tomorrow - in Birmingham and runs until the 8th of August.


You’ll find the official website at 


The games have a presence on all the major social media accounts and organisers are promoting the hashtag ‘B2022’ and ‘Birmingham2022’.


On TikTok you can check out @commonwealthsport and see athletes from around the world trying their best British accents.




A petition calling for Instagram to be more like Instagram and stop trying to copy TikTok is fast approaching 100 thousand signatures.


The campaign is criticising the home feed which is now based on what an algorithm thinks you want, rather than people who’ve chosen to follow.


When it launched, Instagram was regarded as a place to highlight high quality photography - it’s changed perhaps more than any other platform.



And a giant cashew tree in Brazil has become a social media phenomenon.


Video has emerged showing a large green covered area in the middle of the town - but it’s not a park, it is in fact all one tree.


See it for yourself on Twitter on #digitalminuteUK.