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Powerful Communication Podcast

Sep 27, 2022

A change on Instagram and I think it’s one most users will welcome - videos under 60 seconds using the ‘Stories’ feature will no longer be split into 15 second segments.


Up until now there was a split second gap between the segments - that’s going to end, making for a more seamless viewing experience.


TikTok meanwhile sees Google in its sights and wants to become the starting point for users looking to discover something on the internet.


In short, TikTok is becoming a search engine. 


As part of the shift, you’ll now have 2 thousand 200 characters in the description section of videos, making it easier to describe what your video is about and making it easier for people to find.


Previously the character limit was just 300 characters.


And while we often focus on high tech social media scams and internet safety I have been hearing about loads of scams through landline phones.


Either referring to missed online shopping deliveries, vaccine appointments, or IT problems….be especially wary of anything asking you to press a particular number on your keypad or to phone a number to put things right.


If you’re not absolutely certain it’s genuine, just hang up.