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Powerful Communication Podcast

Aug 25, 2022

What’s your opinion on voice notes when you’re sending messages to friends, family or business contacts?


All the major messaging apps - including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and even Linkedin let you hold down the mic button, record a message with your voice and then send it off.


It can help with productivity - for example if you’re out a walk and want to explain something to someone, it’ll likely be quicker to say it than to type it.


But perhaps it’s not so convenient for the person on the receiving end - they can’t ‘skim read’ your message but have to listen to it in real-time.


So, if you are sending a voice note - get straight to the point and keep them concise.


Let me know what you think on the hashtag DigitalMinuteUK.


And here’s one for musicians who might be looking to do a spot of busking - perhaps you’re a student looking to top up your income.


The iRig 2 Mobile Guitar Interface lets you plug your guitar into your smartphone where you can record using software like GarageBand, or add all sorts of effects with the likes of the Amplitude app.


You can then output the new sound straight into an amplifier - so instead of carrying several effects pedals around with you, you just need a tiny box and an app on your phone.