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Powerful Communication Podcast

Aug 29, 2022

It’ll soon be possible to listen to podcasts while you’re using Twitter.


The app is rolling out a new ‘audio’ tab which will highlight podcasts alongside Twitter’s ‘Spaces’ material.


Podcasts will be grouped according to subject matter - given Twitter’s emphasis on real-time content, I’d expect to see podcasts relating to television shows and sports events given a prominent position while those shows and events are actually taking place.



6pm on the 7th of September is an important date for Apple fans.


That’s when the company is expected to launch the iPhone 14, tech experts are also expecting a new Apple Watch and possibly an upgrade to the iPad.


At some point, I expect Apple to drop the numbers on the iPhone, I think they might take some people by surprise and call this one something other than ’14’ - if they do, remember who told you first.


And it’s taken a while but computer manufacturer Dell has now completely closed all its operations in Russia.


The hardware company has been winding things down since the attack on Ukraine in February.