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Powerful Communication Podcast

Oct 9, 2022

Twitter’s edit button is here at last but if you want it - you’ll have to pay.


You need to use Twitter’s Premium ‘twitter blue’ service.


Tweets that have been edited will appear with a pencil icon in the top right corner, clicking on that will show you what the original said.


Instagram is testing a new feature which would let users add multiple links in their biographies.


Currently, only 1 is allowed and that makes things difficult for some celebrities, charities or businesses with more than one call to action they want to highlight.


Many have used a work around with tools such as Link Fire, LinkTree or building landing pages in Canva.


Is this a good example of giving people what they want or might it make Instagram a more cluttered environment?


Now a couple of dates for your diary - Cyber Monday - that’s the online e-commerce version of Black Friday is happening on Monday 28th November.


Black Friday is the previous Friday, the 25th.


And October is a big month for video games releases with Lego Bricktales out this Wednesday, Nickelodeon Katy Racers 3 on Friday and Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed coming on the 18th that’s a week tomorrow.