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Powerful Communication Podcast

Jun 15, 2022

TV shows like ‘The Office’ sometimes poke fun and business jargon and corporate management speak and it seems the internet is the place we turn to try and make sense of it.


New research from Preply reveals the 10 most googled business acronyms.


Searches for ‘POC’ have increased dramatically - depending on who is saying it the abbreviation can mean ‘proof of concept’ or ‘point of contact’ and even ‘plan of correction’.


‘KPI’ means Key Performance Indicator followed by SME for small - medium enterprise and EOD which apparently appears a lot in emails and during meetings where work should be completed by the ‘end of the day’.




Instagram is adding new tools designed to support young users with their mental health.


There’s particular concern around teenagers comparing the way they look and the platform will prompt users who repeatedly look at the same type of content, to try something different.



And this from the US where a medical therapeutics company is using 3D printing technology to develop an artificial exterior ear to help patients who are born with a rare condition which means part of their ear is either missing or hasn’t formed correctly.