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Powerful Communication Podcast

Aug 26, 2022

There’s more evidence of computer manufacturers taking the environment seriously.


Acer has introduced a new Chromebook in its eco friendly Vero line.


The Chromebook Vero 514 which has been designed to be repaired and recycled - much of it has been built with recycled plastic.


The Vero 514 goes on sale across Europe in November although it will be a couple of hundred pounds more than some of the cheapest Chromebook but with much of it user serviceable and upgradeable - it could end up lasting a good bit longer.



BeReal has now hit 10 million daily active users.


The app is finding fans with people fed up with all the posing and fakery on Instagram - you just post one picture every day of exactly what you can see at a particular moment.


Could this be the cure for our social media overload?


And if you’re looking to set up your children with their own Google account but want to control what they access and how long they spend in front of a screen - check out Google’s free Family Link app - I’ll do more on protecting young people online next week.