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Powerful Communication Podcast

Sep 23, 2022

Are you using Emojis all wrong?


Research out today from language learning platform Preply claims young people have developed their own, secret Emoji language.


Apparently using a crying laughing emoji is old hat now and all the kids use the ‘skull’ emoji to show something is hilarious, ‘so funny I could die’.


An emoji of a goat means ‘Greatest Of All Time’, clapping hands can be used in a sarcastic way, answering back to criticism, the information desk person is often used as a shrug, like ‘who knows’ or ‘I don’t care’ and a bee is often used to refer to pop star Beyonce.


So now you know. have published their annual ‘every minute of the day’ internet data infographic. 


Among the findings - shoppers spend almost half a million dollars on Amazon every minute, there are 1.1 million swipes on Tinder, 90 million dollars of Cryptocurrency are purchased and more than 230 million emails sent.


It’s the 10th year the data has been released and there are some fascinating comparisons between how things were at the beginning and how they are today.