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Powerful Communication Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

Businesses and public sector organisations around the UK are being warned to be extra vigilant when it comes to cyber security as the threat of an online attack sparked by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine intensifies.


The National Cyber Security Centre issued guidance, saying there was a heightened risk of malicious cyber incidents overseas which could have an impact on UK institutions, services and systems.


It did stress there was no knowledge of any current specific threats to UK organisations.


Visit NCSC on Linkedin and Twitter for more information.



Fascinating insight from a survey which asked Linkedin users the most annoying thing about the platform.


With 33% of the vote, the top answer ‘unwanted messages’.


Premium LinkedIn users are able to send ‘InMail’ to others who they don’t know and aren’t connected to.


No surprise, it caused annoyance - it’s the modern equivalent of a telesales phone call. But it’s interesting to see just how many people it annoys and I think it’s something Linkedin needs to take a look at, but..removing that paid for feature would hit Linkedin in the pocket.


Finally, a handy product whether you live stream, play games or just multi task with your computer - the Elgato stream deck lets you set up hotkeys and shortcuts, letting you do several tasks at the touch of a button.