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Powerful Communication Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

It’s been another funny 24 hours on social media as Twitter users celebrated ‘Ed Balls Day’


Every April 28th, we remember the day Ed Balls, star of Strictly Come Dancing and former politician, sent a tweet containing simply his name.


He’d been searching for news articles about himself and inadvertently typed his name into the ‘Tweet’ box and sent it.


As we now know - if you make an embarrassing blunder, the internet never forgets.


Have a look at hashtag EdBallsDay.



Good news for Facebook - its user numbers are growing again after a small decline at the end of last year.


Asian nations are fuelling much of the growth but recent restrictions imposed by Russia mean numbers in Europe have taken a significant dent.


And while the numbers go up, the amount of money Facebook makes is slightly down.


And after the Peloton bike, the next trend in personal fitness looks like being the high tech fitness mirror.


They cost about a thousand pounds and involve working out while data and coaching tips and advice are overlayed on top of the mirror image.


Experts are divided on whether they’ll catch on.