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Powerful Communication Podcast

Apr 28, 2022

Lots of people have been asking me about podcasts recently.


It’s easy to get started and some hosting providers - like Podbean have a basic free plan which allows you to get started.


You don’t need much equipment - £20 or so will get you a couple of lavalier or clip-on microphones which you can connect to your phone and start recording.


More advanced set ups could use portable multi track recorders, like the Zoom H4nPro or similar models from Tascam.


If you’re based at home or in an office try to avoid recording your podcast in an echoey room with hard surface and big windows. You’re better in a room with soft furnishings and a decent carpet.


A USB microphone can be a good purchase and be sure to wear headphones - even if it’s just the in-ear bud type.


Podcasts are getting longer - the average duration was about 20 minutes a few years ago, it’s now gone past half an hour and some of the most popular podcasts are even longer than an hour.


It is a competitive space and having a podcast doesn’t mean people will listen to it.


So what is it that’s unique or special about it and how will you make sure people will find it?


Remember another good place to start is to appear on someone else’s podcast as a guest.