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Powerful Communication Podcast

Sep 30, 2022

Google is to close down its cloud gaming service Stadia in January.


The company announced the move - which was widely expected - in a blog post.


It’s promised to refund all hardware and software purchases made through the Google Store and users will be able to continue playing games until the service closes.


Google says the service hadn’t gained the popularity it hoped for but that the system and concept had been proven to work and would be redeployed elsewhere.


Yesterday we talked about Netflix planning to stream games - I don’t know who they’ll partner with but Google certainly sees opportunities to let other providers use its infrastructure to stream games, without the need for a console.



Liz Truss was all over social media yesterday with clips from her local radio interviews shared widely.


The Prime Minister’s strategy of lots of individual interviews rather than one big national piece backfired as users shared clips of tricky moments from the interviews, some going so far as to make up compilations of the best/worst bits.


Finally TikTok has reported a huge jump in the number of fake accounts on its platform.


It’s also revealed it removed 113 million video clips this spring which broke its rules - this is TikTok trying to show that it is capable of policing the platform itself and perhaps doesn’t need regulation.