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Powerful Communication Podcast

Feb 27, 2022

The major social media platforms have been awash with messages of support for the people of Ukraine across the weekend with some users changing their profile picture to the Ukranian flag and celebrities ditching their usual selfies to highlight charities working with those affected by the conflict and sharing details of how to donate to the relief effort.


There are also reports of millions of pounds worth of anonymous donations being made to the Ukranian military via Bitcoin.


Several YouTube channels are showing round the clock live streams from the centre of Kyiv.



Here’s an interesting innovation from Norway which I read on spring, a start up using virtual reality to help people tackle phobias.


It’s thought a quarter of the world’s population will suffer from some form of anxiety disorder at some point int heir life and for some patients, exposure to the source of their problem, in a controlled setting, can help.


But this isn’t always immediately possible - for example - fear of spiders, heights and so on - Fornix is a start up company offering Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy.


And it’s the best example I’ve seen yet of how the so called ‘Meta Verse’ might have a positive role to play in our future.