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Powerful Communication Podcast

Sep 28, 2022


Powerful comments from Apple chief Tim Cook who’s criticised his industry and his own company over the lack of women in leadership roles in the sector.


In an interview with the BBC’s Zoe Kleinman, Cook said there’s no excuse for the lack of women at the table at the world’s tech firms and says technology won’t achieve nearly what it could achieve without a more diverse workforce.


He also spoke about the virtual worlds known as the Metaverse and predicts in the future people will wonder how we lived without augmented reality.


Artificial Intelligence is also in the news right now - with TikTok creator Milan Jaram reimagining Simpsons characters using AI and putting them into unlikely situations, such as the Simpsons characters posing as Calvin Klein models. 


And some interesting advice on the USA Today website sharing ideas to give your phone a new lease of life - if you can’t afford an upgrade but want to improve its performance.


The article explains how to replace the battery on some models, how to free up memory space, make it run faster and remember many phone providers will offer trade in deals - so that new one you’ve got your eye on might not be as out of reach as you think, as always - shop around and get the deal that works for you.