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Powerful Communication Podcast

Apr 26, 2023

Hi I'm Colin Kelly. This is the #powerfulcommunication podcast from Comsteria. You

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Today I want to talk about artificial

intelligence in small business and

marketing and public relations. You

know that it's not so much the reality

that's important but rather the

perception. I think the perception is

that you're already using these

artificial intelligence tools like chat

GPT and the rest, and that you have at

least some element of homeworking or

flexible working or remote working.

And as a result of COVID the office

has shrunk or maybe even closed completely

or relocated, but that you've got at

least some of your staff, some of the

time working from home and that you're

using these AI tools.


So that's the perception

and the question then is well why

aren't your prices coming down? Why is it

not cheaper? If we've got this amazing

tool - and remember that the clients will

have played around with it themselves.

They've used it and they've seen it and

they've heard about it. So if we've got

this amazing tool that can create

content so much quicker

and without you having to be involved,

well then why has the cost not come down?


When we look at technological advances

in every other area of society,

the cost comes down. So when is it coming

down in PR, small businesses and

marketing? And how much is it coming down

by? And who will move first? And if you're

not going to do that, if this tool and

this remote working isn't going to make

it cheaper, well then why not and what

will you be saying to your clients in

order to justify that?

I'd love to know what you think you can catch up with us