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The Digital Minute

Aug 9, 2022

There’s a saying I like that speaks volumes about the pace of technological change in the world today and it is: ‘the jobs your children will do, haven’t been invented yet’.


Well here’s another role that you could never imagine existing just a few years ago.


Marianna Spring has just been appointed as the first ‘Disinformation and social media correspondent’ at the BBC. Marianna says she’ll be investigating the impact of fake news, trolling and all that’s bad with social media. I get the feeling she could be very busy.


And here’s a whopper - Burger King is at the centre of confusion and ridicule on social media after it emailed thousands of customers a blank order email receipt.


It’s not yet known if the fast food giant has had its systems hacked or it it’s made a mistake but some of those affected say they haven’t set up a Burger King account so it could be an internal mistake that’s sent blank orders to the company’s entire marketing database.


Unfortunately, because the orders are blank they can’t be redeemed and so far there’s no explanation from the company itself.