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Powerful Communication Podcast

Jan 19, 2023

UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is being widely ridiculed for a video he's published where he uses a cup of coffee to explain why inflation is rising. Comsteria's founder and media relations trainer Colin Kelly explain his take on this and the lessons your organisation can learn. For more advice on...

Jan 13, 2023

Like many communications professionals, I've been experimenting with the artificial intelligence chat bot, ChatGPT.

This is a discussion of what I've found and why, in my opinion, it has no place in our industry and why I believe not using it, will quickly become a badge of honour. 


Jan 3, 2023

Comsteria works with more than 300 businesses every year, helping them communicate with power.

Whether you're producing podcasts or videos, looking to write with clarity and personality or want to get your messages across in media interviews - we have the training and consultancy expertise to get the results you...