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Powerful Communication Podcast

Sep 30, 2022

Google is to close down its cloud gaming service Stadia in January.


The company announced the move - which was widely expected - in a blog post.


It’s promised to refund all hardware and software purchases made through the Google Store and users will be able to continue playing games until the service...

Sep 29, 2022

Could we end up playing video games on Netflix in the future?


The streaming giant is setting up its own games studio, which will be based in Finland.


There are more than 220 million Netflix subscribers around the world but the company has lost users and revenue since the end of the pandemic.


It’s also facing...

Sep 28, 2022


Powerful comments from Apple chief Tim Cook who’s criticised his industry and his own company over the lack of women in leadership roles in the sector.


In an interview with the BBC’s Zoe Kleinman, Cook said there’s no excuse for the lack of women at the table at the world’s tech firms and says technology...

Sep 27, 2022

A change on Instagram and I think it’s one most users will welcome - videos under 60 seconds using the ‘Stories’ feature will no longer be split into 15 second segments.


Up until now there was a split second gap between the segments - that’s going to end, making for a more seamless viewing experience.



Sep 23, 2022

Are you using Emojis all wrong?


Research out today from language learning platform Preply claims young people have developed their own, secret Emoji language.


Apparently using a crying laughing emoji is old hat now and all the kids use the ‘skull’ emoji to show something is hilarious, ‘so funny I could...