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Powerful Communication Podcast

May 25, 2022

I’ve a few sites to mention today if you’re interesting in taking your video game playing to the next level and perhaps trying to become a video game influencer.


Some gamers are growing a fan base and even making money by streaming themselves playing games and to make the most of it, you need a ready supply of games.


Research from Affise highlights the platforms gamers should consider.


Top of their list is Playstation Plus followed by Playstation Now which lets you play games from previous Playstation models and could be good for someone interested in retro gaming.


There’s also Steam, GOG Galaxy 2.0 and Origin.


Many of the platforms I’ve just mentioned have free plans as well as premium paid for services so take a look around and choose one that suits you best.


There’s also Google’s Stadia platform and remember to make it as a gamer you would probably also want a webcam, USB microphone or headset, quality graphics card and a very good broadband connection.