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Powerful Communication Podcast

Jun 22, 2022

One of the most frustrating things in life is trying to co-ordinate an event involving several people where you have to choose a date that suits everyone.


This is the sort of challenge computers were made for, and is one of the best known software products that offers easy scheduling.


If you’re only going to use it occasionally - there’s a 14 day free trial which might be all you need, after that it’s about 7 pounds a month for the ‘Pro’ plan.


It’ll email everyone involved in your meeting and ask them to choose dates and times they’re available and then tell you the most popular option.


When it’s used properly it can cut down on dozens of emails being sent back and forth.


Other products that do similar things include which is particularly suited to sharing ideas and discussing agenda items, ‘' has a FREE plan but it’s limited to 20 guests and there’s also Calendly,,  and this doesn’t look quite so smart and clever but you could set up a shared Google Calendar.


It’s nice to remember sometimes what all this technology was actually intended to do - make our lives easier.