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Powerful Communication Podcast

Aug 30, 2022

A big step forward for Twitter that might make it a more pleasant place to be - Twitter Circle is now available to everyone and lets you set up private group chats of up to 150 people. 


Twitter says Circles will let users have discussions without worrying about random people hijacking the discussion and making them feel bad.


You’ll now see an option to ‘share with a smaller crowd’ when you start writing a Tweet on a mobile device.



Here’s another option if you’re looking for more privacy around your emails.


Duck Duck Go made its name as a search engine that doesn’t track its users - now it’s offering a private email service.


You can access it using the DuckDuckGo app or extensions for the Firefox, Chrome or Edge browsers.



Snapchat is the latest social media platform to launch a Dual Camera option - where users can share a picture of what they’re looking at and their reaction to it all at the same time.


The feature first emerged on the BeReal app and seems to have set off a trend.