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Powerful Communication Podcast

Apr 21, 2022

Is Google planning its own range of watches?


Tech commentators have spotted a change on the Google Store, which now displays a ‘Watches’ tab.


Google doesn’t currently make watches although it bought FitBit a couple of years ago - until yesterday Fitbit products had their own category on the Google Store, now they sit underneath the ‘watches’ banner.


Experts reckon a Google Pixel watch could be coming soon.


I’ve been trying out a new drawing pad this week.


It’s called the Wacom Intuous, it comes with a pen, or styles and lets you annotate the screen with free hand drawings.


It takes some practice, my handwriting still looks like a child’s and I’m sometimes not quite sure where on the screen my drawing is going to appear.


But it might be useful if you’re involved in meetings or run presentations.


iPads and other tablets do offer similar functionality but some are more expensive.


And if you want to amaze your friends over the weekend - visit YouTube and search for WalMart, Metaverse for a glimpse at what shopping, might look like in the future.