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Powerful Communication Podcast

Mar 30, 2022

RODE have made a name for themselves manufacturing microphones and some of their range work well if you need sound for videos or live streams and video conferencing.


Now, for the first time, Rode is getting into headphones.  Their first set of headphones are aimed at high end users involved in ‘critical listening’ such as mixing and mastering.


Thanks to for breaking the story.



Some new options for YouTube users if your channel has more than 1 thousand subscribers - a ‘Go Live Together’ option lets you bring guest presenters into your live stream and a Q+A feature will make it easier for viewers to submit questions, rather than trying to catch them all through the main live chat.


And we talked about GIFs recently on the Digital Minute - those short little clips often of people clapping their hands, or laughing, some are from films and music videos - I told you how you could create your own GIF - well it just got easier for Twitter users with iPhones as a new feature is being rolled out which will let you make your own GIFS from pictures you’ve taken all within the Twitter app.


There’s also GIF action on TikTok which has launched a new GIF library.